East of Sanity: South of the Border, South Carolina

The friend I was visiting in North Carolina insisted that there was a place I had to see to disbelieve. I have seen it. I do not have many words to describe it. So, while my mind struggles to understand it, let me give you as many details as I can:

There are signs for this place from miles away, on main roads, on back country roads, it’s everywhere, drawing you towards it like the Wise Men and the star. It is located, as the name might imply, just south of the border of North Carolina. Colloquially, “south of the border” often refers to Mexico. Combining these scraps of information has produced this:

South of the Border Man

Roadside Pedros

South of the Border

Again, this is South Carolina, I haven’t suddenly leapt 1,500 miles.

"Mexico Shop"

South Carolina. Complete with giant sombrero tower.

Sombrero Tower

Bertie and the Whale

Today, Bertie tried to understand this place of fireworks and Mexican stereotypes.

But Bertie cracked. Even the friendly whale couldn’t help him.

Bertie just wanted the madness to end.

Bertie and the Gator

No Bertie! Not that I can blame you, so let’s get the hell out of here.


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