Ginsburg, Guides and Klingons: Georgia Guidestones, GA

I made it out of Florida alive, but its effects still linger. What I mean is, I’m not sure what I experienced in Georgia wasn’t a fever dream. There are pictures, but my camera went through a tough as time as me, so it’s pretty unreliable. I’m here to visit a little thing called the Georgia Guidestones. They are near… nothing. They are just plonked in a field in the middle of nowhere in Georgia.

Georgia Guidestones

The slabs came to be here due to the actions of a man calling himself “R.C. Christian”. This remote controlled believer has never been identified, so his batteries probably ran out and we just dumped him in the attic. His efforts led to these massive slabs, weighing a total of 237,746 pounds, to be erected at the highest point of Elbert County. Each of the slabs contains ten instructions on how to live:

Ten Instructions

Mainly reasonable, even though the “keeping the population of Earth below 500,000,000” might cause just a little bit of difficulty.

To ensure his message reached as many people as possible, Mr. Christian had a difficult language inscribed on each of the slabs, including Spanish, Chinese and, I dunno, Klingon?



I have very little explanation for anything up here. All I know is that when I arrived, a guy who very much resembled Allen Ginsburg was showing the guidestones to his extraordinarily polite son. Maybe they know what the deal is.


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