Josh Ritter: Spokane, WA

So I sprinted my way up the West Coast, if by “sprinted”, I mean “sat in my car eating snacks”. I dashed across Washington so fast I ended up going back in time. All to get to Spokane to see Josh Ritter. But first, be still my beating heart:

Double BassI love the double bass.

Josh Ritter has kind of been the unofficial travel agent for several points of this trip so far, and several more points to come. It’s thanks to him that I’ve been from here to Lawrence, Kansas. And although he comes over to Ireland to play fairly frequently, it seemed more suitable to see him in his native land. Not just in America, but on border of his native Idaho, with his parents up in the balcony.  Something I didn’t know before seeing him: he is the happiest little singer ever.

Josh Ritter This is the least amount of smiling he does all evening.

He seems so genuinely ecstatic to be playing, a charming mix of sheer joy and just a pinch of disbelief. He’s joined on stage with long-time collaborators like bassist Zack Hickman:

Zack HickmanBe still my beating—wait.

Okay let’s talk about this moustache a bit more.

That 'Tache

Actually the ‘tache has stolen all the words left in my brain. Let’s just look at it and wonder. And as we do so, let’s take in a bit more of his music. The lights go down, the band goes still and the audience is silent as the silhouette of Josh does a rendition of “In the Dark”:

In the Dark

As the lights come back up, I’m reminded of one thing: throughout the fast-paced, upbeat songs, the mellow contemplative songs and everything in between, Josh is the

Josh Ritterhappiest

Josh Ritter singer

Josh Ritterever.

It’s really uplifting to see in action. Although, to be frank, accepting these in front of his parents might have led to an awkward conversation or two:

Josh Ritter & Flying Panties

In spite of the brevity of the post, this was well worth the 9-day ~2500-mile, whistle-stop tour of the West Coast. When I write about shows, inevitably all I really want to do is listen to who I went to see, so without further ado:

Josh Ritter

 (Also, surprise Neil Gaiman)


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