Driving America

Driving AmericaThe above shows my rough path across the Lower 48. As you can tell, I probably shouldn’t be allowed to chart any future journeys. So, some stats then:

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Heimlich, Sandy and Bye Bye Bertie: New Jersey

I managed to leave Washington DC without selling out my principles. It’s not that I didn’t try, it’s just no lobbyist wanted, “I believe families should be built around a firm foundation of wine gums”. I’m heading north east and, by the end of the day, will have arrived in my 48th and final state, New Jersey. Before I get there, though, there’s something else I should see, The First State: Delaware.

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Baseball, Poutine and Tom Hardy: Road Trip to Canada

As alluded to previously, even after rushing up the West coast in time to get to see Josh Ritter, I was still in a hurry. You see, I was planning to meet some friends of mine near Niagara Falls, Canada. I was here: Spokane, WA Niagara Falls is here: Niagara FallsNow each time I brought this up, the conversation would go like this:

“Washington to Niagara in ten days? Yeah I guess you can do that.”

“I also want to see the sites, like Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and I absolutely must see the House on the Rock.”

“Okay, you might be able to make it, but you’ll have to motor.”

“Oh yeah and I’m picking my friend up in North Carolina.”

“… You are an idiot.”

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Bruce Springsteen, the Plague and Nuclear Armageddon: South Dakota

Woman from North Dakota: We enjoy roughly the same climate as South Dakota, we took in $73.7 million in tourism revenue last year. They took in $1.2 billion. They have the word “south”.

Donna: Also Mount Rushmore.

– The West Wing, S03E21 “We Killed Yamamoto”

Mount Rushmore

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Dragons, Prisons and the Irish: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco
The Pacific Coast Highway took me along some of the best road of trip, and some of the strangest architecture before dropping us off in San Jose, ready to head onto San Francisco. I end up approaching San Fran from the east, having spent the night in Oakland for some reason. (That isn’t a “why am I in this public library” some reason, I think this one was less Inception, more whimsy). But here we are, in the 3rd most destroyed city in the US (by Hollywood) . Let’s see if it survives me.


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Coasts, Crazy Architecture and Madonna: The Pacific Coast Highway, CA

Last time I fled Los Angeles, creeped out of my wits. Was it going to the Last Bookstore on Earth? Perhaps. Was it because someone gets paid to pretend to be Norman Bates for tourists? Maybe. Was it because I accidentally stayed in a hotel that was hosting a child pageant? Definitely. But fleeing from LA did lead to one great thing: the Pacific Coast Highway. It starts in LA and takes you up an incredibly beautiful coast line, up through San Francisco and up into Northern California.


Pacific Coast Highway

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