Deep Fried Turkey, Snow, Dinosaurs (again): Clinton, NY

When that turkey died, it had no idea that death was a sweet mercy compared to what happened to it next. While our turkey is enjoying a rather extreme sauna, the neighbours have produced the modern day cauldron: a stainless steel tub is brought out and set on the lawn at what I can only describe as “outside of fireball range” of their house. Gallons of oil are added, the gas beneath is turned on, alcohol is consumed in case this event wasn’t exciting enough. It’s not some Blumenthal-esque cooking experiment, it’s Thanksgiving in Clinton, New York.

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Dinosaurs, Submarines and Waterfalls: Connecticut

My first port of call after leaving New York was its neighbour Connecticut, which dubs itself the Nutmeg State, proving that they ran out of ideas pretty early. Connecticut is, of course, most famous as a manoeuvre in Connect Four when you realise you’re about to lose and karate chop the game off the table.

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